• 5/16: Interest registration deadline

    Haas students and nonprofits express interest online.

  • 5/20: Haas Hearts information call

    In-depth program explanation and Q&A session.

  • 5/28: Consulting teams formed and matched with nonprofits

    Students will be matched based on preference and skillsets.

  • 5/30: Launch Day!

    Official start day of Haas Hearts.

  • 5/30: Introductory Workshops

    Workshops on consulting engagement and nonprofit operational best practices.

  • 6/1 – 6/4: Kickoff Calls & Discovery Phase

    Consulting teams initiate introductory call with nonprofits and understand the problem the organization is facing.

  • 6/7: Consulting and Nonprofit Workshops

    An additional workshop to align and inspire your team following the discovery phase.

  • 6/7 – 6/18: Ideation & Solutioning Phase

    Consulting teams craft creative solutions to real world challenges faced by social impact organizations.

  • 6/30: Midpoint Check-In

    A midpoint check-in with Haas Hearts leadership to ensure projects are running smoothly.

  • 6/21 – 7/30: Implementation Phase

    Consulting teams implement solutions.

  • 8/6: Presentation Day

    Consulting teams and nonprofits present the results of the solutions.