About Haas Hearts

Haas Hearts is a consulting and project implementation initiative driven by UC Berkeley MBAs to address strategic challenges faced by non-profit organizations in today’s difficult operating environment.

Haas students live by the four Defining Leadership Principles. Beyond Yourself is the leadership principle that challenges them to put larger interests above their own and apply their skillsets for the benefit of our local communities.

For one summer, students will put their MBA skillsets to the test in groups of five by helping non-profits implement strategic solutions to their challenges. Haas Hearts ends with a presentation day in the Fall, where students and non-profits share the results of their work.

We support NGOs in solving specific problems (e.g. volunteer planning, fundraising, strategy implementation, scaling, digitization, etc.).

We provide opportunities for Haas students interested in consulting or social impact sector to gain hands on experience and make an impact.

We engage the “One Haas” community and leverage their skillsets to help shape post COVID-19 norms in the social impact sector.

Let’s go #beyondourselves